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With these ropes tied tight, can we do no wrong?

Today was chill as hell. I woke up around 11am, no work today =] so i called Jen and asked her if she would like to go to the mall with me and she said ok. I was going for a few new shirts to wear to work..but..i didnt have much luck. Instead i got one shirt [that ill prolly never wear to work] it was a coral? shirt that says England and has a soccer ball n shit on im a loser but i love it, no idea why. I also bought, undies =] a nude bra, and a pinapple scented candle. Somehow that stuff, lunch, and a magazine came to my last dollar out of 100. I think it was pretty much the bra that brought me down so much. Damn victoria's secret. damn it to hell! lol. Well, actually, the bra was deff. a necissity because I havent been able to wear a lot of nice shirts i own because you can see my black bra through them! and i only own black ones! so yea..technically that bought me about 5 shirts. Not a bad deal..but im done tlaking about my undergarments..sorry to all the guys reading this =P...and everyone else who is like wtf stop talking about your boobies! haha. Yes they are real and they are fabulous!...had to do it...sorry.

About 15 mins after getting home from the mall Alain comes through the door =] happy happy happy! so we chilled for a long while in my room and then we decided to go to taco bell for me, and burgerking for him and bring the food home to watch The Omen [bootlegged bitch!].

I wasnt crazy about the movie. I guess I was expecting a whole lot more. Some parts were like =O whoa! but for the most part it was slightly less then mediocre. I guess "horror" movies are really not my thing. I was happy none the less, because I was spending time with my baby in his arms. Thats all I really care about.

So yea. Very good day =]
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