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Waiting for im bored..

What would you take from your house if you knew it would be flooded tommorow:
my purse, my box of notes and pictures, and all the stuff ive collected over the past two years of my relationship.

Customize your own flag, with things on it that represent you::
3 horizontal stripes; red yellow and green, with a lion on it. [my favorite color combination, and i associate myself with a lion.]

If you could erase anything you ever said to anyone, what would it be?
making a promise to one of my friends that i knew i wouldnt be able to fulfill without dragging someone else into it.

Your stuck in a room for an hour with a chalk board, what do you draw on it?
hearts. I always seem to draw them first. prolly a bunch with a quarter takin out of the on the upper left side in which my name would start out of the start and go into it. yea im dumb like that. Then id just start drawing random stuff.

Your theme song is called?
i dont really have a theme song

If your life was a movie, what category would it be in?

Something you wish to accomplish before the end of the year::

How much does it take to make you laugh?
not much. im easily amused.

How many sheep do you want on your farm?
sheeP? farm? no sheep =\

Which wizard of Oz character are you most like?
the lion. of course you were expecting that from me.

You learn through mistakes, what mistake are you glad you made? (to learn)
a lot i guess. because i learned from all of them. so i cant really pick one specific one.

Would you ever run naked in the rain with your love?
sounds splendid.

Do you think Giant anacondas really have a purpose on this earth?

Which is worse...15 pounds underweight or overweight?

Do you like eating icecream out of the carton?
yes..getting out a spoon and a bowl is just to much work.

Do you find it gross to share drinks with family or friends?
no. well. depends on the person.

Does the world revolve around you?

Is everyone equally important to the world?
I guess so. in a way. yea.

Do some people truely not deserve to live?
Hmm. well some people do really fucked up things..and they dont deserve a second chance.

If the world comes to an do you think it will go?
if the world is gunna end, its from mass karma.

Will artifical intelligence help better or destroy the world?
maybe destroy, we depend on it to much as it is and sometimes computers just suck and blow themselves up..then what?

How long does it take you to get out of bed in the morning?
a very very long time

How important is it for us to find other planets, resources and life?
very important. at least the resources part. because we are obviously running out =\

What do you think we'll use other planets for in the future?

Do you think emptying our trash, pollution, and waste on the moon is okay?

What do you think about california?
Never been there. Im indifferent to it. Its not somewhere Im saving all my money to go. If i go, cool. If not, cool.

Is it important to you to always stay(live) close to family?
yes..god forbid something happen and i have no one to help me. family is always there no matter what. Plus, sometimes you just want to get away from friends and be with people who share the same blood and think of you differently.

Why are slasher films entertaining?
this is embarressing but..whats that?

Do you think it would be a good idea if we rebirthed dinosaurs?
not really.

What do you think about tennesee?
again, indifferent to it.

What kind of animal do you think the world could live without?
??what the hell??

If someone invented glasses that can see through things, would you buy it?
Yes but Id want to be the only one with it. i dont want people intruding on my privacy! haha.

If you were a spider where would you crawl away and live?
Id be the loner spider..that only comes out when it absolutely has to, to survive. so id be in some deep dark crevice that no one knows about

What do you think about pop ups? Is there a way to get rid of them?
fucking hate them. I finally got rid of the majority of them and some idiot in my house downloaded something that gives you its own pop ups..and tehy are the worse kind because they are impossible to get rid i have to wait for another one to come up so i can right click the icon on the tool bar and press "close group" I hatttteeee themmmm

Would you prefer to be emotionless, so you didn't have to feel a heartbreak?
Well that would be nice. I believe emotion/mental pain is a hell of a lot worse then physical.

When you die, and if you become an angel, who will you watch over?
Alain, my family, and my friends.

If when you die, you become a ghost, would you try to contact your loved ones?
Yes, but not if it would hurt them or scare the living shit out of them.

Would you want to haunt anyone? Who?
no. well...maybe..only for a ffew kicks and then stop because thats mean.

What does everyone live for? (could it be love)?
Its all different reasons.. I believe people were put here for a purpose, and i believe that purpose is what they live for.

Are emotions what make people Want to thrive and live?

Is there a way to solve world hunger, that we are ignoring?
Probably. rich people are fucking greedy if they all chipped in a bit, a lot of people would be able to get some new clothes for themselves, clean themselves up, get a job and from there get money for food. or a little money could even get them a bit of food. but i think getting them jobs is more that they dont keep relying on the rich for food..

What was (gods)reason for our creation?What does he expect us to accomplish?
Who knows?

What do you think should be added to planes?

Do you have a weak stomach for watching animals consume each other?

Do you think its important to conserve the rainforest?
yes, anything in nature should be conserved.

Why do people move to Tornado country, when their homes will be destroyed?
because the have a death wish? idk.

Will technology move us forward in life or take us back to the beginning?
Uhm. what?

I know not what WWIII will be fought with, but WWIV wil be fought with sticks and stones. What do you think of this quote?
it means by the time this world gets to WWIV assuming it gets there, there will be nothing left to fight with besides primal things that tehy had in the very beginning of time. because after WWIII everything will be gone, because of these crazy weapons of mass destruction and shit..everything will be destroyed. I guess?

Do you have any quotes of your own that you admire?
Quotes that I have made? no not really. Quotes from other people that I admire? Yes, I have more then I can count.

If you could go back in time to the dinosaur era, would you take a visit?
no thank you.

Which Holiday pretend character do you wish really existed?
lol what? Santa claus. Id be his best friend.

If lepracans existed what would the world be like?
the same, with a hell of a lot more drunks roaming around =\

Mistakes help you learn, but is there some you regret making?
uhm no i guess not...cause they do help you learn. It usually works out for the best.

Do you often make the same mistake twice? three times? constantly?
with a few things. trivial things, really.
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