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k so this entrie may be a bit randomly thrown together, because all my thoughts and my memory are scatterbrained. Once again it is probably the 9th but im basing it off of the 8th. Get it? got it? great.

*I love Alain [but you all already know that] and today is our 23 months... and in exactly a month will be our 2 year anniversary

*I have finally, after about 2 years of having a new email adress, notified LJ and have had my default email changed. Which is good, because now I can finally know when people reply to comments i give them, and I can reply when needed. I feel bad because sometimes I forget to check in, its so much easier when your email tells you. I forgot about that little lj wonder. heh. so much more convienient.

*I now remember something quite unusual? interesting maybe? about my week. I believe it was July 5th? Tiffany and I decided to walk to Wachovia so I could set up a bank account, well unfortunitly I did not have proper identitfication [they dont accept birth certificates and ssc! go figure!] so depressed and downhearted we walked to blimpie to have some fullfillment in the form of food. We went to the dollar store afterward...bought some candy, and two[for a dollar] ponchos [blue n white..for a lil school spirit bitches] Mind you, it rained pretty hard that morning, so, even though it was no longer raining we got the ponchos.. before we left the house though, tiffany decided to bring these rediculous looking idk what to call them actually..they had elastic for your head and then attached to it was an umbrella [look ma no hands!]. So we had the bright Idea to walk around with those hats and ponchos on, though the rain was now long gone. Let me tell you... ponchos+heat=baaaaad sweating. We got on Lexington? ave..and we decided that we wanted to show someone because we are assholes and what is a funny idea if no one is witnessing it? So we called Ken..[how random] to see if he was home, he wasnt, he was actually a block down from my i was like fuck it im gunna see you! and he was just confused because I was like "i need to see you im coming im coming" so who knows whats running through his mind.. On our way we decided to be even more of assholes and walk on main roads. Thats right, in front of the fucking high school..haha we striked our poses around the carteret high school board that tells you whats going on in the school...too bad there was no cameras. I waved to a student driver car and the teacher was not impressed at all...he actually looked pissed. I mean dude..lighten up..i would be histerical if i was him and he was me. So anyway, after several blocks we finally get to Danny's house [where ken was] and I tell him to come outside and when they get outside they are like " WTF!!??" hehe.. and i was soo damn hot that i TORE my poncho off [its just plastic] and there was sweat allllll over my shirt...[my shirt was on of those shirts that detect even the smallest amount of of course there was A LOT. They made fun of us because they said we are stupid because plastic ponchos capture heat and so you sweat a hell of a lot more. They swore we were high, and though I protested many many times, i should have just agreed and said i was because... what kind of asshole actually walks around with ponchos and umbrella hats in there right mind? willingly? in front of many many people who they might know. Oh well thats me..youll always think im under the influence of something, and i never really am. =P
So anyway, i was burning time to i jumped into dannys pool with my clothes on, and so did tiffany. Haha it was sooo much fun..but kind of awkward because it was me and tiff in the pool and ken and danny just watching us...the fuckers wouldnt come in. Yepp..just figured id share my weird day.

^^^well that was a long ass story..i dont even want to update anymore. lol
but i will =D

*I saw Cinderella story..and actually like it..sorta kinda a lot..I dont know why. Stupid things interest me, and thats one of them. I actually want to see it again. whats wrong with me? Im not actually that sure but Ill let you know when I find out. Well w/e i think it was really cute. so shut up.

* PROJECT FUCKING RUNWAY IS COMING BACKKk! YES MOTHERFUCKERS YES! haha im so happy... i love that show and Rescue me and Last Comic Standing are great...but they both come on Wednesday and I need more shows to rely on [just in case there is a sucky episode of 2 shows one week or something]. Idk hard to explain..but im fucking ecstatic. You eizer een or ouut.

* I absolutely love Phil Collins' music <3

* i forgot what else I wanted to say..
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