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How about I just got done watching Project Runway and I absolutely loooooove Michael Knight <3 omg! I think he is the best designer-to-be on the show. I wasnt crazy about his runway dress [i think thats because I was expecting more from him] though it wasnt to bad and it was a good idea. What really really struck me was his audition. I dont know why Tim Gunn was being so mean to him! Thank God for Chloe standing up for him. I think maybe Tim Gunn didnt like him because of the way he presented himself. I think he should have probably toned down the 'ghetto' of the way he was talking and took a more professional approach. Yet and still, I loooove him. His Dresses were so nice, especial the Muslin one..who the hell can make something that nice from MUslin!? I think his idea of taking past challenges was clever. Tim Gunn disappointed me in the way that he was acting.. Oh well. Team Michael!

Ok so I wrote down what I think about everyone from there auditions, but I am not going to type all of that because its not important and some of the people I wrote about werent even picked to be on the show. So basically this is what I thought of everyones garments:

Project Runway; Season Three "Home Sewn"

Laura Bennet- Horrible. Hideous. It was just way too busy and grandma-esque to me. I hated it. Nothing about it interested me.

Bradley- The dress was a bit cheap looking. I could see the cover up on a couture runway though.

Michael Knight- Well my opinion may be a bit baised with him because I was a fan from the start but I think his outfit was pretty good. It reminded me a bit of Diana Ross, and something about the straps i really liked. The idea was good, he actually didn't make my favorite garment though [see im not being biased!] because to me it looked a little bit unflattering and maybe messy. I still love him and he is still my favorite!

Robert- Beautiful, the back was brilliant. I loved it. This should have been the winning garment.

Keith- Beautiful dress, not very innovative [which was the challenge..] Love the necklaces. I think if it was a regular runway he would have deffinitly deserved to win, but considering that the theme was to be innovative, i dont think he deserved the win. Yes it was very nice..but not what the challenge was about.

Vincent- Hat was horrible. He lied to the judges because everyone that was in that room knew damn well that he was in love with that hideous bucket hat..blech. The dress wasn't so great either. I actually think he should have lost the challenge..sorry.

Stacy-- I thought this was a very nice dress, aside from the very very very sheer skirt. She really should have done a better lining for the skirt [especially since in the past season there has been people kicked off or near kicked off for having a garment that was too provactive] I feel she should have known better then to just put weird looking shorts under it. She deffinitly didnt deserve to be out. Her garment was 10 times better then Mr. Vincent. I loved the belt..i think thhat really put it together.

Jeffery- Too much, looked horrible with jacket. He was way to cocky for something that looked so poor and all over the place. Reminded me faintly of Santino's crazy concoctions on season 2.

Angela- Nice outfit. flowers were a bit too much. The shirt really won the look over for me.

Kayne- Front looked nice, was not thrilled at all about the back.

malan- Very nice, reminds me of something someone would wear to work. At first glance I thought it looked horrible but as the model was walking down the runway it started to appeal to me more.

Bonnie- Love the dress but the top needs a lot more construction and support [namely the boob area] no woman would be comfortable with the top like that.

Katherine- I thought that the coat was very interesting but I was less then thrilled about the dress. It looked bulky and just did not look right at all.

Allison- Pretty. nothing special though.

Uli- Love the back, the front was ok, I like the colors that she used. I feel that she is a really good designer when it comes to mixing patterns and colors. I noticed this from her audition and her runway look.

Today has just pretty much consisted of watching Project Runway so far. I have work at 6 [when dont I?] I have a feeling today will be spent reading magazines and perhaps talking on the phone. maybe sleeping also. I didnt get much sleep.
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