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Well this is the most surprising thing about my weekend: We got out at 10:30 .. 10:30 is suprising in the first place but get was a fuckin saturday =].

Last night we got out around 7 which is also really good. im really liking this getting out early stuff, but i shan't get use to it.

Chrisabelle is on vacation for the week so im more relaxed at work.

Last night was amazing. I mean..everynight with Alain is but last night was even more special. I guess because we are home bodies and we dont go out much we just hang out around the house. Last night we went to The Bus Stop diner [they give you so much fuckin food! n for good prices =]] and then we went home watched tv and went to sleep... I dont know... I had so much fun though. He let me drive 5 blocks away from my house. Well i havent drove since driving school so I was freaking out a little bit. he had to grab the steering wheel a couple of times. Now if I could just get him to let me drive a little more often maybe I wouldnt freak out so much?! lol..well maybe I wore him down to the point that he will let me drive more =]? Hopefully.

I dont know what it is about spending money that appeals to me so much.. I bought a Baby Name book and I dont know why I did it. It was only 9 dollars though..and its fun to read.

dont know what else to say for now.

Im workin on the floor tonigh.. dresses&sweats. That should be fun.. it wasnt bad last time I did it.

mmm i loves me some air condition =]
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